The girl’s got style: Rachel by Simon Ackerman

Written by Tania Braukämper.

There’s a particular magic that’s formed at the place where two eras collide. Or in this case, three, if you count the here-and-now.

Combining contemporary youthfulness with retro ’70s-inspired glamour is a shoot by rising photographerSimon Ackerman, working with a creative team who turned a straightforward portrait of model Rachel Validum into a picture of freshness and strong femininity.

Hairstylist Jill Schnapp added her love of the “Deco Decadence” of the 1920s into the mix, merging an edgy pompadore with a textured side braid or coaxing two twirly pigtails out from under a chic black hat to create styles that borrow from multiple eras without subscribing specifically to any.

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