Jill Schnapp 

Jill Schnapp is known to have a unique sense of style for showing people, clients,
and photographers the endless possibilities of hair design. She started her career 15 years
ago hoping to expand her artistic ability in college. When reality set in, a decision had to
be made to pay tuition, or pay rent. Having grown up in a house kept by a hairdresser,
Jill had decided to use what her mother had instilled in her subconsciously, and work in a
salon to pay bills. Little did she know her fate had started its course.
While assisting in a salon, she was introduced to her first mentor, Harvey Sobler.
Trained at some of the top academies in London, Harvey taught Jill how much being a
hair stylist was a work of art. Harvey gave her the tools she would need to succeed and
opened her eyes to the industry she was about to encounter. In years to follow, Harvey
brought her to London where her artistry began, at academies such as Vidal Sassoon of
London, Tony & Guy and The Mahogany Institute. Walking down streets she had never
walked on before, she realized she took a turn in life that would help bring forth her true
identity. She learned the latest styles and trends as well as the study of platform artistry
from some of London’s finest platform artists. Unbeknownst to her, she too would
become one!

In the course of her studies she encountered inspirational educators such as; Nick
Irwin, Anthony Mascola, DJ Muldoon, April Barton, Robert Cromeans and Angus
Mitchell. She learned the fundamentals of her industry by starting at the bottom where it
raised her issues concerning self doubt which she quickly got over by learning how to
find tune her abilities to enhance her work.


Today Jill works not only behind the chair of an upscale New York City salon,
but is also a National Educator for Paul Mitchell, and in spare time does freelance
editorial work. “It is my goal to turn lazy into beautiful, and the beautiful into
extraordinary” says Jill. Her ability to embrace change, along with her positive outlook
and hardwork, have allowed Jill to achieve her dreams, and grow in ways she never
thought possible. She has always lived by the saying “No guts, no glory,” and not many
can say they have walked so well the walk, they often only talk about.


Jill Schnapp ,National Educator for Paul Mitchell,Hairstylist, extordinare,Platform
Artist,Makup Artist and London-trained for 10 years. 

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 "I have taken my career to the
fullest extent. This is not just a job for me, but a personal passion. I feel l work not only
behind the chair of an upscale New York City salon, but I am also a compelled to help
people realize how beautiful they are both on the inside and out. I came to Manhattan to not only make my dream a reality, but to put my stamp on life. The road here has been along one, but I believe that my purpose is now being realized."

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“It is my goal to turn lazy into beautiful, and the beautiful into extraordinary” - Jill

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